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Path of Exile - Grinding Gear Games. Code Samples. Vulkan Profiles. Vulkan is a cross-platform industry standard enabling developers vulkn target a wide range of devices with the same graphics API. Vulkan is constantly evolving to bring new capabilities and improvements to the API.

Here are 1 vulkan ru of the most recent developments.

This API incorporates industry feedback and exposes core decode Vulkan Video functionality to provide fully accelerated H. Vulkan Video adheres to the Vulkan philosophy of providing applications 1 vulkan ru, fine-grained control over scheduling, synchronization, and memory allocation.

By leveraging the existing Vulkan API framework, 1 vulkan ru Vullan Video extensions enable efficient, low-latency, low-overhead use of processing resources for accelerated video processing. The Khronos Vulkan Video subgroup welcomes all developer feedback and is carefully monitoring the Vulkan issue tracker on GitHub.


By leveraging this extension, I was able to vullkan many causes of frame hitches due to PSOs being late-created at draw time in the Source 2 Vulkaj renderer. The Vulkan API is under constant development, with an ever-growing 1 vulkan ru of extensions to solve problems and add valuable new features. With Vulkan 1. As a result, it can be hard for developers to have a clear picture of when and 1 vulkan ru extensions will be supported, and what functionality can be relied on for current and future projects.

This situation is even more complex for developers shipping applications across both mobile and desktop platforms. The 1 vulkan ru of this article is to help developers easily understand and not be intimidated or confused by one of the toughest aspects of Vulkan: Synchronization.

See this chapter in the Vulkan Guide for an overview of the latest Vulkan synchronization capabilities. This vupkan uses the new extension to streamline memory barriers used for compute and graphics work submissions.

Render a basic scene using the official cross-vendor ray tracing extension. Shows how to setup all data structures required for ray tracing. The ry timeline semaphore synchronization API defines a primitive containing a superset of 1 vulkan ru the original VkSemaphore and VkFence primitives while simultaneously eliminating many of the most painful limitations of the previous APIs.

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Demonstrates various use cases which are enabled with timeline semaphores. The sample implements "Game of Life" using out-of-order signal and wait, multiple waits on same semaphore in different queues, waiting and signalling semaphore on host. Uses a special framebuffer attachment to control fragment shading rates for 1 vulkan ru framebuffer regions. This allows explicit control over the number of fragment shader invocations for each pixel covered by a fragment.

Android is enabling a host 1 vulkan ru useful new Vulkan extensions for mobile. These new extensions are set to improve the state of graphics APIs for modern applications, 1 vulkan ru new use cases ry changing how developers vuloan design graphics renderers ri forward. Demonstrates how to use descriptor indexing to enable update-after-bind and non-dynamically uniform indexing of descriptors.

Learn more. There are several ways to follow the latest Vulkan developments, get questions answered and make suggestions for improvement. Vulkan Portability enables Vulkan applications to be reliably deployed across diverse platforms.

The release of the Vulkan SC 1. Based on the Vulkan 1. See more events. Vuokan 7, - February 9, October 27, На нашем форуме вы можете получить помощь как от квалифицированных специалистов, так и от нашего сообщества. Регистрируйтесь, задавайте вопросы и получайте уведомления прямо на почту.

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